Canoe The Vermilion Inc
RR 4
Streator, Ill. 61364


In consideration of the obligations hereinafter set forth, I hereby assume all legal and monetary responsibilities and risk for bodily injury or loss of life to myself and all other persons in my party and for my property, their property, and all property hired or on loan from the Canoe The Vermilion hereinafter "CTV”, as a result of our use, transport, and/or possession of equipment of any kind or description whatsoever, hired or on loan from CTV or its employees or agents. I hereby agree to return all equipment at the mutually set time, date, and location in the same condition as when received. All unreturned or abandoned items will be considered lost and paid for at that time.  Life jackets will be worn at all times and not sat or knelt on. Paddles will be used only to paddle the boat and not for poling, pushing, or prying the boat off rocks or obstructions. The boat will not be dragged at anytime. I agree to comply with all federal, state, and local pollution, water, camping, and fire regulations including any emergency orders from the aforementioned. I agree not to litter, trespass, abuse property, or in any way infringe upon the rights of other river users. I understand that "CTV"   and its employees cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and landowners and will not shield anyone in my group from arrest and/or prosecution for any unlawful act. I understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is unsafe during any type of water activity and that "CTV" has the right to service intoxicated persons at any time during the trip or shuttle, to or from the river, with NO REFUNDS made. I understand that rivers rise and fall and that conditions on rivers change; that boats do turn over and can be pinned on obstructions and can be damaged and /or destroyed; that people do get banged and scraped on rocks and can even drown; that trees are dangerous obstacles; that weather conditions can include hot sun or heavy rain, lightning, hail, strong winds, and cold temperatures and can change dramatically; and that I and those in my group may suffer accidents, insect or animal bites, insect stings, or illness in remote places where there are no medical facilities. I agree not to hold "CTV" or its employees liable for injuries, loss of life, or damages because of such changes or conditions. I understand that all these dangers and other dangers, both seen and unforeseen, can be hazardous for even skilled paddlers. I assume for both myself and any minors in my group all the risks involved in the use of any equipment rented or borrowed from the Livery and agree that neither it nor its agents or employees will be held liable by me or my heirs for any injuries, loss of life, or damages suffered.  I will aid in the loading and unloading of all my personal and rented equipment and carrying it to and from the river. I understand that put-in and take-out times are mutually set and must be coordinated with other people and groups.  I am over eighteen years old, am physically and mentally capable of participating in this activity as are all minors in my group, have read all of the above. I will carefully inspect all equipment rented or loaned and acknowledge that my use of same accepts it to be in safe and satisfactory condition. I realize the very real dangers that exist in this activity and undertake it at my own risk. No one has minimized the hazards. I realize that this is a self-guided trip with no lifeguards or supervision on the river. If "CTV" personnel do accompany me or recover my boat should it become pinned on the river, I agree not to hold them or the "CTV" liable for any injury, loss of life, and/or damages or loss of property that occurs to me, to anyone in my party, or to "CTV" or private property.

The venue for any dispute that may arise out of this agreement or otherwise between the parties to which "CTV" or its agents is a party shall be in the courts of LaSalle County located in Ottawa, Illinois.

Please fill out information on back and sign. Everyone eighteen and over must sign individually. Please list all minors in your group along with their guardians signature.

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